Saturday, February 23, 2008

Father, My Prayers are Confused

Father, many times, my prayers are confused. There are times when I am uncertain of what to pray, of what to ask, of what to expect. In my selfishness, I have desires and my own estimation of what needs to be, but I look at the world and I observe my small corner of it and realize that the way in which you are working must be at odds with what I am wanting. At first, such observation makes me frustrated, even angry and bitter . . . Why, God, have you not stepped in? . . . then, I realize, that you are God and I am not . . . You have all the wisdom and foresight, and my understanding is quite limited.

Father, I praise you that in my confusion, you know what is best for me and for those I love so deeply. May I learn to trust you more, to be patient in awaiting for your hand and your response. And, Father, may I know that you are not a manipulator . . . that the free choices of others sometimes goes against your will. May you judge them in accordance with your will, and may I be free of resentment and hatred and judgment.

Father, I give to you the concerns of my heart and the troubles of my family. I praise you for your love . . . for your abiding presence . . . may I accept the way that you lead. May I be at peace with where you are bringing me. May I live for you irrespective of what happens around me and to me. Father, I leave the circumstances of my life to you, fully trusting in You.