Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Calmness in the Loudness

The world can be a loud place. Our days are filled with the constant clamoring of voices, nature, media, street sounds, and the thoughts that fill our minds. Don't we all long for a few moments of quiet reflection, times when we can withdraw and feel at ease?

God knows our need for serenity and he has given us prayer. You have witnessed how effective a few moments of prayer can be. In those moments spent with God calmness comes when there was stress, reflection when there was confusion, and peace of mind when there was frustration. Even when we come to God and pray at times of crises and despair, these moments spent with the Father offer clarity to the situation and bring comfort. We may not know when the end of our troubles will come, we may not immediately know the solutions God will offer, but we do know that our Father is listening and that he is acting and that he is present.

How wonderful is the gift of prayer.