Friday, September 7, 2007

Nearing the Ford

A prayer by Dwight Edwards Marvin:

Kindle, O Lord, along the way

Bring guiding torches, lest I stray;

For I am near the ford.

Take Thou my hand, clear Thou my sight

Amid these brooding clouds of night:

Kindle the torches, Lord.

The mists are falling o'er my eyes

And darkness robes the dripping skies

As I draw near the ford.

Strange voices whisper in my ear;

Strange thoughts surcharge my mind with fear:

Kindle the torches, Lord.

The waters raor, I cannot see

And tremble with anxiety,

Now I am near the ford.

Light the lonely path I tread;

Take from my mind all doubt and dread:

Kindle the torches, Lord.

Behold, one cometh on apace,

A radience gleaming from His face,

He calls, "Fear not the ford."

His garments are as white as snow,

And on my path there falls a glow

Brighter than torches, Lord.

I cannot suffer harm or loss

When I the rushing waters cross;

For He is at the ford.

Soon I shall go through portals bright

To walk with Him in realms of light

And need no torches, Lord.