Wednesday, September 26, 2007

No Time for God

You've time to build houses, and in them dwell,

And time to do business--to buy and sell;

But none for repentance, or deep earnest prayer;

To seek your salvation you've no time to spare.

You've time for earth's pleasures, for frolic and fun,

For her glittering treasures, how quickly you run;

But care not to seek the fair mansion above,

The favor of God or the gift of His love.

You've time to take voyages over the sea,

And time to take in the world's jubilee;

But soon your bright hopes will be lost in the gloom

Of the cold, dark river of death and the tomb.

You've time to resort to the mountain and glen;

And time to gain knowledge from books and from men;

Yet no time to search for the wisdom of God,

But what of your soul when you're under the sod?

For time will not linger when helpless you lie,

Staring death in the face, you will take time to die.

Then, what of the judgment--pause, think, I implore!

For time will be lost on eternity's shore.

(Author Unknown)